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“I know, that’s why I was waiting here to invite you to have some steamed buns,” Yang Han asked them to go to the cafeteria with him.


Not only was there a basket of white steamed buns, there was even a bowl of seaweed egg drop soup!


Although it was nothing fancy compared to the modern delicacies that the foodie had eaten before, Lin Lan became excited.

Food tastes the best when one is hungry, after all.


She quickly took out some money.


Yanghan said sternly, “We are from the same village; don’t treat me like I can’t afford a few steamed buns and a bowl of soup.

That would be looking down on my abilities.”


Lin Lan said to Xiaowang, “Xiaowang, say ‘thank you’ to uncle.”


Xiaowang glanced at him quickly.

His lips moved slightly as he called him uncle.


Yanghan touched his head.


Xiaowang was so scared that he hurriedly avoided his touch, gripping onto Lin Lan desperately.


Lin Lan patted him comfortingly, implying that there was no need for him to be nervous.


Yanghan laughed and teased him, “Let go of your restrictions and eat as much as you want; uncle can afford it.”


Lin Lan smiled and said, “Well, excuse us then, thank you for the meal.”


Sigh, who would have ever thought that there would come a day where steamed buns and seaweed egg drop soup were considered delicacies; no one would believe me if I was in the modern world!


What a pity though, that I can’t communicate with my friends in the other world.

Otherwise, I would have definitely broadcasted this live on social media for them to see!


Lin Lan and Xiaowang ate deliciously, not forgetting to remind Xiaowang to close his mouth when he was eating.

She made sure that he didn’t make sounds while munching, using small mouthfuls to drink soup and not snorting all over the place…


Yanghan looked a little startled.


At this time, Lin Lan looked up and asked him, “Yanghan, how did you recognize me”


Yanghan pointed to his eyes, “Don’t you remember I have small eyes but they see really well.

To be honest, you look pretty much the same; my change was the drastic one.”


LIn Lan glanced at him, wondering if ‘pretty much the same’ was a compliment or if he was still the adorable and childish boy from her memories.


He’s the epitome of ’18 changes of a grown man’ (3)— turning into a hottie from a fatty.


(T/N: The phrase refers to boys who have a drastic change in appearance or sometimes, attitude, once they reach adulthood)


She smiled and continued to eat, quietly speculating about Yanghan.


Yanghan looked at her calmly.


This is odd.  Although she had a little bit of a fiery temper when she was younger, she was still a normal little girl.

She was also quite upright— when people teased and bullied him for being fat and chubby, she stood up for him righteously.


Why would she be named a tigress or a shrew once she got married They even said that she would cause tantrums— first crying, second annoying and third hanging(4)


(T/N: A phrase to describe her as over dramatic and annoying to get what she wanted.

Crying for the 1st time, then using rage and anger to annoy someone after that.

And if nothing worked, hanging herself would get her attention)


Maybe she was too used to picking on fights with her third sister But that time, she was hitting her sister and not harming herself; so why did she not beat up her in-laws and chose self-depreciation instead


Maybe her husband’s family was worthless, after all— driving a perfectly normal girl into a corner of madness.


He heard about her jumping into the river, hanging herself, and indirectly drinking pesticides more than once.


He originally thought that she must be like the other unhappy rural women now— features sloppy and unkempt with a swollen face and dull eyes.

With her insane actions and violent nature, he thought she would turn out to be like his sister-in-law Xiang Lin, complaining about her ‘unjust life’ every day as her constant nags drove everyone away from her.


He didn’t expect that he would actually see her at the entrance of the hospital today.

Although she looked a little haggard, she seemed rather normal and even had a certain temperament to her!


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