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three days later.

A piece of news caused a stir in the entire East Blue, and even once again attracted the attention of some forces in the first half of the Grand Line.

The reason why this news caused such a sensation is that the largest newspaper Agency in East Blue finally collected information on the "Three Little Bounty Hunter".

To be more precise, they have collected information on the main force of the "Three Little Bounty Hunter".

It is also this information that once again attracted the attention of some forces in the Grand Line.

This information was on the headline title of the Newspaper today - "Young Swordsman!"

Beneath the bolded title is a photo that serves as the cover of the headline.

The picture in the photo is a boy with baby fat on his face, holding a famous sword that can be seen as extraordinary just from its appearance, sending out a huge cyan flying slash, killing a certain pirate group.

The content of the news is praising the young swordsman.

According to the information disclosed by the navy branch in Loguetown, the young swordsman's name is El, and his real age is only eight years old.

At the age of eight, it is more a child than a boy.

Even such a child is a swordsman who can send out flying slash.

Although most people in the East Blue don't know what is flying slash is, it does not hinder El's reputation from spreading out of the weakest sea and attracking attention.

For example, the navy headquarters that was rejected when recruiting, they ordered the navy branch in Loguetown to send an invitation to El again and promised more benefits.

Eight-year-old Master swordsmen are extremely rare even in this sea where there are many races and no shortage of geniuses and monsters.

Not to mention the Navy Headquarters, even the CP organization of Mary geoise was tempted by it.

This age is the most suitable stage for brainwashing.

If he can be abducted into the CP organization, maybe there will be another killing weapon similar to Rob Lucci.

And those pirates in the East Blue who knew what Master swordsman was, regarded El as the greatest threat.


El did not expect that fame would come so quickly.

Originally he just wants to get some quick cash but he underestimated the influence of big cities.

Before Smoker was dispatched to Loguetown, it has a very chaotic atmosphere.

In the East Blue, all forces with some intelligence capabilities will place eyeliners here.

So El's high-profile hunting instantly became the focus on Loguetown.

Fortunately, El reacted in time and let Nami hide, not letting the paparazzi hidden in the crowd take pictures of them all.

Otherwise, it is absolutely inevitable to hit the grass and startle the fish.

To prevent more accidents, El just hunted two more waves of pirates, sending them to the navy branch, and plundered the treasures from their ships, then returning to the hotel, ready to leave here directly after the new ship was shipped.

"Nii-san, you're famous!"

"Look, look...

Nii-san, these newspapers and magazines say you are the strongest bounty hunter in the East Blue."

A few days later.

In the hotel, Carina and Nami held newspapers and magazines, handing them over to El with excitement.


El didn't even bother to look at these newspapers and magazines, his eyes were always fixed on the Armament Haki training method.

No matter which world it is in, those tabloid newspapers that are not included in the big newspapers all likely to increase sales by fallowing the trends.

Now is the time when people is most curious about El, and the newspapers keep reporting on him.

because El is not a vicious pirate, but a bounty hunter, many paparazzi are squatting outside, looking for an opportunity to interview El in order to obtain some information.

That's what made El too lazy to go out.


The time soon came to the day when the new ship was shipped from the shipyard.

In the morning, the three girls were in charge of checking out, while El increased his speed to MAX state, turning into an afterimage and leaving the hotel.

when the four met in an alley, El put on the cloak that Carina bought for him, and headed towards the shipyard.

When they came to the shipyard, the four were warmly received by the manager.

Even his attitude towards El was a little flattering.

Obviously, the other party already knew that El, who was the famous 'big man' in the East Blue recently.

Facing the manager's favor, El didn't bother to have exchange with him, and directly asked to see the new ship.

Soon, a group of five people came to the back shipyard and a ship covered with black cloth was moored there.

The size of the ship is not large, it's just a small ship with a single mast.

The best way to tell apart large, medium, and small ship apart from those customize oversized ones is by how many masts they have on them.

The one with only one mast is small, the one with two masts is medium, and the one with three masts is large.

The Golden Merry on the original Straw Hat Pirates is a small ship, and the Thousand Sunny is a medium-sized ship.

The new ship customized by the four of is a small.

However, unlike the Golden Merry, El's customized version is a bit more advanced.

It has three cabins, the two in upper and one lower part, and the height and length also have reached the maximum capacity of small ship.

"Good, you've worked hard."

After removing the black cloth and checking the ship, the four were very satisfied with the new ship.

After paying the final payment, Nami couldn't wait to drive the new ship outside toward the port.

At this time, Carina also opened the phone bug she bought in Loguetown when they visited nine days ago to take some pictures.

After the new ship docked at the designated place, a group of brawny men with red tatto on their upper bodies, carrying pieces of furniture, as well as refrigerators and other appliances, walked towards the port.

Carina and Nami directed those men to move furniture and appliances to a designated place.

After the last man boarded the boat with a wooden barrel full of ordinary swords, El paid them a tip, and the four drove the new boat and returned to the original small ship.

The ships, one large and one small were connected to each other.

After Carina and Nami carry out all of their belongings, El pulled out his sword (Sandai Kitetsu) and slashed down toward the small sailing ship.

Swish - kacha!

As a cold light flashed past, the small sailing ship and part of the sea below were divided into two smooth and straight lines.

Seeing this scene, Kuina's beautiful eyes flashed with dazzling light again.

A swordsman's slash is incredible no matter how many times you watch it.

Just breaking through a realm, it's as if the transformation of mortals toward extraodinariness has been completed.


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