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Flashback to ten minutes ago, when the sixteen-piece of two meteors fell into the sea and created sixteen Knock Up Stream that connected the heavens and the earth.

Deep in the sea at the depth of ten thousand meters, under the delay of their Captain, Shanks, and Vice-Captain Benn Beckman, the Red Force successfully sink deep into the sea under the use of human acceleration.

If it is in the Sabaody Archipelago or on an island in paradise, then they only need to continue sinking for ten minutes before they can see the sun again.

It's a pity that at the depth of ten thousand meters in this sea area, there is no Sunlight Tree Eve here.

So even if they dived at the depth of ten thousand meters, they still couldn't regain the light.

If they want to continue traveling deep in the sea where they can't see their fingers, they must turn on the lights, and as the main ship of the famous pirate group in the world, the Red-Haired Pirates has no shortage of lighting.

As for those sea beasts and sea kings that were attracted by lights, they were ruthlessly killed by the No.

1 sniper in the world, Yasopp, using his weapon and observation haki.

When they successfully reached the darkest place on the sea and stopped their ship, a crisis of annihilation also came quietly to them.

As Carina has always been using clairvoyance to monitor their position and thanks to them turning on the lights, Carina has not lost their position and she has been constantly reporting to El.

At the same time, El, who was hiding deep in the sea area, has also found the position of The Red Hair Pirates and after feeling that those life forces are no longer moving, El also started his action, the next second his palm pass through the bubbles, touching the cold seawater with strong water while consuming an astonishing amount of stamina to take control of the surrounding seawater.

In an instant, the sea beasts and sea kings that were wandering in the darkness found that their bodies became heavy, no matter how much effort they exerted, their huge bodies could not move forward and instead began to move backward.

But soon, they found that they were not going backward at all, but their huge body was swept up in the ocean current that appeared out of thin air in the deep sea that began to rotate from slow to fast speed, and there was not only one such sea current but as many as dozens.

If someone has night vision, they will find that these special sea currents are whirlpools that appear deep in the sea.

After a while, the red-haired pirates who turned on their lights also discovered the changes in the sea and the surrounding sea currents.


what is this"



"Are you kidding me, shouldn't a whirlpool appear on the sea surface Isn't this a deep-sea area below 7,000 meters, why would a whirlpool appear here and it's even a group of whirlpools!"

"Hurry up and paddle...

don't let these whirlpools hit the Red Force or we will be destroyed on the spot."

"It's too late, we are already surrounded by whirlpools in all directions..."

When the members of the red-haired pirates saw the whirlpools appearing around them, their expressions all changed in surprise and when they reacted and prepared to avoid the whirlpools, a more desperate situation appeared again because they are in darkness and the observation haki can only perceive the life force fluctuations of sea beasts and sea kings, it cannot see the changes around them.

By the time the Red Force reacted and notice the changes in the sea currents, they were already surrounded by dozens of whirlpools.

As the Fourth Pirates Emperor in the manga, Red Hair Pirates which is the closest to the status of fifth Emperor now, even if Shanks and Benn Beckman are not on the Red Force, El still gave them more attention than Vander Decken IX and created dozens of whirlpools that surrounded them in all directions to give them a grand deep-sea funeral.

In the face of attack from all directions, whether it is a crew with advanced armament haki or a Fishman who can breathe underwater, all their expression change due to despair.

At this moment, they still don't understand, how someone can continue watching them in the sea area where you can't even see your finger in front of you and before they could react, the whirlpools mercilessly broke the bubble surrounding their ship.

With the sound of a balloon bursting out, the Red Force is like being caught by an invisible big hand then the next second, it's mercilessly crushed and shattered into several pieces.

After sailing for more than ten years, conquering the four seas, the first and second half of the Grand Line, and standing at the apex of countless pirate ships, the Famous Red Force also fell at this moment.

Accompanying its fall was a large number of red-haired pirate crew members.

Just like how every meter you fly higher in the sky, the oxygen gets thinner, on the sea, for every meter, you sink, the water pressure also increases.

Even the most advanced submarine in the world cannot dive at the depths of 5,000 meters, so when the only protection that can help ships and people dive at the depths of ten thousand meters was ruptured, then only if they are Fishman who can breathe in the water, otherwise, even natural monsters like Charlotte Linlin and El are also guaranteed to lose consciousness and fall into comatose if they stay endured the water pressure at a longer time.

Except for a few people with strong physiques, the rest of the Red-haired Pirates were like knock out by conqueror haki the next second after the bubble burst and they floated at sea with their eyes rolled back while the shattered parts of the Red Force were sent to an unknown place by the whirlpools.

It is certain that the vast majority of the Red-haired Pirates will drown, or be crushed by the water pressure with their internal organs bleeding after being ruptured.

With just one move, El ruined Red-Haired Pirates who were almost recognized by the world as the fifth Emperor of the sea.


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