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After El defeated Rayleigh, a series of impacts of this event has just begun.

As the existence only second to Roger on Oro Jackson and with Roger's death, Rayleigh has been the person with the highest Pirate status in the world.

Although Mary Geoise and the Navy headquarter has been arresting and chasing the Roger Pirates for more than ten years and with many people being either arrested, killed on the spot, or hiding somewhere while living an ordinary life.

However, when this news spread all over the world, except for the members who were imprisoned in the Impel down, the members of the Roger Pirates who are still alive were all worried for their deputy commander's life.

"Rayleigh, you have nothing to do with this guy, right" On the Twin Cape Lighthouse, Crocus, who rarely came out of Laboon's body, muttered to himself with a worried expression on his face and as if sensing his emotions, Laboon obediently stop hitting the red line without needing a sedative today.


"Deputy commander..."

At the same time, the members of the Roger Pirates all over the world looked extremely worried but didn't know what to do.

If Rayleigh is killed, they have already set out to contact each other, and together they will find the Flying Pirates to avenge their most respected Deputy commander.

However, Rayleigh ended up falling into the sea, with his life and death unknown, so their first thought was to check the Vivre Cards.

After their Roger Pirates disbanded, a lot of people have connections with each other and haven't been lost till now.

Many people have each other's life cards, for example, Scopper Gaban, the navigator of the Roger Pirates and also a close friend of Roger and Rayleigh, a veteran member of the Oro Jackson.

Not only does he have Rayleigh's Den Mushi Mushi, but he also has Rayleigh Vivre Cards.

After seeing today's news, he immediately searched for Rayleigh's Vivre Cards, and after finding that it has not turned to ashes, he could not help but breathe in relief while notifying the news to his previous companions who were scattered all over the world, making the members of the Roger Pirates who heard this news also breathed in sigh of relief.

"Deputy Commander, it's great that you're alright." This news naturally reached Shanks's ears who was far away in the new world and only being only one step away from reaching the top of the world.

Knowing that when he and buggy were young, their Deputy Commander who take good care of them like their teacher and father did not die, Shanks was so happy that he almost cried on the spot.

On that day, he still regretted the last time he saw Rayleigh and didn't ask for his Vivre Cards, although he has his Den Mushi Mushi number, it doesn't go through at all.

Fortunately, Scopper Gaban has their Deputy Commander Vivre Cards, otherwise, Shanks has already set off to return to Paradise and start looking for Rayleigh's trace in the Sabaody Archipelago.

"Shanks, what are you going to do next" After watching Shanks, who almost couldn't help crying with joy after hanging up the Den Mushi Mushi, Benn Beckman, who was sitting opposite him, lit his cigarette and ask lightly."Do you want to do it"


Shanks' complexion was slightly firm, then he look at his companions who were all looking at him, their faces were all without their usual smiles then he said in a deep voice.

"Although I am no longer a member of the Roger Pirates, however, I still haven't forgotten that I was once a member of the Roger Pirates and the Deputy Commander taking good care of me."

"I will never allow others to hurt my companions, whether it's you, or my former companions."

"Everyone, although I'm not interested in competing for status and only want to take you on for an adventure, however..."

With a slight pause, Shanks stood up and place his remaining hand on the hilt of his sword before continuing speaking solemnly again.

"Now, it's time for us to reach the top and let the world know about our Red Hair Pirates name!"

"Next, I will declare war against the flying pirates, are you willing to help me"

"Of course! I've been waiting for this moment for a long time."

"Declaration of war! declaration of war!"

"Destroy the flying Pirates, we will be the new emperor of the sea."

With Shanks's words, the member of the Red-Haired Pirates cheered one after another.

They all seemed to be injected with hot-bloodedness, making them all shout with excitement.

In addition to his original crew, many people followed Shanks because they saw all see his potential and decided to follow and help this man become the pirate emperor or even the Pirate King.

With the strength of their Red Hair Pirates, they are fully qualified to fight against the Whitebeard Pirates, The Beasts Pirates, and the BIG MOM Pirates, because apart from the three emperors' Pirate Groups, the other Great Pirate Groups in the New World are not their opponents.

If it weren't for the sudden appearance of the flying pirates, their Red Hair Pirates would be the fourth emperor Pirate groups, and their captain would be the fourth emperor of the sea.

On their final step toward reaching the top, they are suddenly overtaken by a kid who appeared out of nowhere and stole their position.

Except for Shanks and the other veterans who didn't care, some members who didn't have their level of mentality remembered the flying Pirates and also remembered that kid's name.

With the character of their captains, these members thought that the Red-haired Pirates and the flying Pirates would have nothing to do with each other except for their titles, maybe they met at sea and greet each other.

However, they didn't expect the other party to actually attack their captain's former Deputy commander.

At this moment, the flying Pirates became their captain's goal after reaching the top.

Upon hearing this news, the members who were dissatisfied with El and the flying Pirates were extremely excited.

Now, they have a chance to vent their anger and revenge for taking what should belong to Shanks and the Red Hair Pirates.

At this time, El had already brought Carina and the other girls on their new adventure.


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