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On this day, the new bounty release is destined to go down in history and the pirates that have been offered a bounty will also be completely famous and known to the world.

["Young Swordsman" El, a bounty of 1,023,000,000 million Belly, regardless of life or death.]

["Ghost Princess"Perona, a bounty of 120,000,000 Belly, regardless of life or death.]

["Devil Child" Nico Robin, a bounty of 100,000,000 Belly, regardless of life or death.]

The above is the bounty offered by the Navy Headquarters to El and the two girls.

The "Young Swordsman" who disappeared for three years reappeared and his bounty went from 250 million Belly to a bounty of 1 billion Belly, which is no less than the bounty of the cadres of the three emperors.

However, what was even more surprising, was the bounty place after El and the two girls.

[The World Worst Devil Fruit Users, a bounty of 1,000,000,000 million Belly, regardless of life or death.]

El and the five girls have been placed on a bounty, there are six of them, but there are only four bounties, Kuina's bounty is no longer updated, but merged with Carina and Nami into a unique Bounty.

The photo of the three girls' bounty is in red and white priestess clothes while on Asura form, below the photo are letters of "regardless of life or death", followed by a title and a ten-digit bounty.

There is no name, only the title of "The World Worst Devil Fruit Users".

Maybe even the Navy Headquarters didn't know what to call these three girls in Asura form

However, in terms of titles and names, this is not the First time that Navy Headquarters did this.

Before the three girls, there was also a person whose son of the navy hero and his name was covered up by the navy, no it's a surname to be precise.

That person is the leader of the revolutionary army, the protagonist of the last World Conference discussion - "The World's Worst Criminal" Dragon.

Including the people inside the revolutionary army, few people know that their leader, full name is - Monkey D Dragon.

However, the words 'The World's Worst in history' are enough to make the world ignore the name behind the title.

Looking at this sea, few people will have the title of "The World's Worst".

In other words, the people who have the title of 'The World's Worst' are all extremely dangerous criminals, Such as "The World's Worst Criminal"

For example, Douglas Bullet, who escaped from the Impel Down, is known as "The World's Worst Fugitive In Impel Down History".

Now the title "The World Worst Devil Fruit User" is in order to let the world know why they set a precedent for the three girls, they specially created a unique and special reward order.

Below the ten-digit numbers, the navy also writes little information about the three girls.

After an investigation by the Navy Headquarters, the purple-haired girl in the middle was a Paramecia type, Munch-Munch Fruit User, using her devil fruit ability, she broke the rules of the world and combine with her other two companions, becoming a unique three-type devil fruit user in history.

As for her two companions, the one on the right is the "Lightning Sword sorcerer" Kuina from three years ago, the user of the strongest Logia type devil fruit, the Rumble-Rumble Fruit.

The orange-haired girl on the left is a Logia-type devil fruit user, the Flame-Flame Fruit.

The three girls who combine together, be it physique, Haki, or Devil fruit ability will be stacked together and create a new body, rather than simply combining them.

This person is extremely dangerous.

If you want to hunt them, it is recommended to kill them before they combine together.

No doubt, the special treatment of the Navy Headquarters made El's limelight be stolen by his own "wings".

Despite the death of Shiki and the reappearance of the Float-Float Fruit, the threat level of El changes from the supernova in the paradise to someone that the pirates in the new world dare not underestimate, however, it's just like what Sengoku said.

No matter how dangerous and threatening El is, the template of Shiki can still be found on his body.

But the three girls on Asura Form broke the rules of the world, a monster that is never seen before.

After all, at this time, Blackbeard has not yet obtained the Dark-Dark Fruit and then the Quake-Quake Fruit to become a dual devil fruit user.

Although three girls use a devil fruit ability to become the most special devil fruit user in history, the combination of the three fruit abilities that included two high-level elements, is more than enough to attract the world's attention.

Morgan reported the three girls as headlines on today's news, even so, El's news report still detonated the entire world.

"Shiki Died!"

"Another legend has fallen!"

"It's a lie...

A great pirate who is as famous as Pirate King and Whitebeard is actually dead!"

"Who is Shiki, why haven't I heard of this name".

"this person can fly freely."

"Idiot! The ability of Float-Float Fruit is more than just flying!"

"After more than ten years, the Float-Float Fruit reappears will it also restart the nightmare of the falling island in this world again"

"Why are there images of huge tears in the sky in these photos"

"What a joke, this looks like a vision of nature, but why did that birdman put such a photo on the headline"

"After three years, the bounty soared from 250 million to 1 billion, is the navy afraid of a second Shiki".

"It's just a devil's fruit, is it necessary to be so exaggerated If I'm not wrong, the other party is only 13 years old this year, right",

The above are the exclamations and comments of people in the four seas and the first half of the Grand Line because they can't understand the "big news" in the headlines,

The strongest sea, the new world, is where the pot exploded.


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