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Just when the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) was still a mile or two away from the biggest building, he doesn't know if it was sensed by the Observation Haki or the surveillance den Mushi Mushi, the earth outside the biggest building suddenly vibrates violently.

The vibration was very strong, and in the blink of an eye, it spread on the island, startling all the ferocious beasts and making them begin to flee frantically.

Suddenly, a huge lion head formed from the earth rose from the ground at a height of about 200 meters, then it opened its mouth to bite the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki).


The bitten Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) tried to cut the earth lion's head in front of it.

It is a pity that it is just an ordinary blow that El used to test the water, and it does not have the power to cut the earth lion's head in front of it.

After a stalemate for a while, the Flying Slash (Tobu Zangeki) suddenly exploded, turning into countless wind blades, shattering the earth lion's head in a way of perishing together.


Before anyone appears, a unique laugh came from the biggest building and resounded through the entire island, then a tall figure flew out from the biggest building and he floats in the sky above the destroyed earth lion's head.

The figure is an old man with golden mane-like hair, reaching down to the ground, and on the top of his head is part of a steering wheel that got lodged into his head, he wears traditional clothes consisting of an orange trimmed, a red and black kimono robe tied together with a dark green sash, and a golden chain around his waist; he also wears a yellow striped tattered haori coat draped over his shoulders and two famous swords were used as his prosthetic legs, the Oto and Kogarashi.

This person is one of the cadres of Rock D.

Xebec, one of the four legendary people from the previous era and the first person to successfully escape from Impel Down, Shiki the Golden Lion.

As the captain of the Flying Pirate, his bounty was already worth billions Belly more than ten years ago.

Although the steering wheel on his head has made him gradually unable to use the three types of haki over the past ten years, and he also loses his two feet when escaping the impel down and only uses swords as prosthetic limbs, he doesn't know how many levels Shiki has dropped after being nerfed so hard, but Float-Float Fruit still makes his every move shock the world.

Only by exposing one move, El has seen the power of the Float-Float Fruit, its ability to liquefy the earth into a lion's head with a little hand movement or even just a thought, it's like a god who bestows things with spirituality.

In fact, Shiki with the Float-Float Fruit power is really no different from God.

In the theatrical version, Shiki while toying around instantly defeated the straw hat pirates who just clear the Thriller Bark.

If it weren't for while being in the theatrical version, Luffy is the absolute king, they would have been completely wiped out in that one move.

"Nice slash kid!"

The unique laughter of Shiki spread from all directions, then he looked at El who was flying at high speed, and there was no anger on his face after El attacked his base camp, but instead, there was an expression of a senior's appreciation for junior on his face.

"For the first time in ten years, someone found this place and even dare to attack it, tell me who are you, and I will remember your name!"

"My name is El"

Using Kamisori (Razor) to come less than 100 meters from Shiki, El also politely grinned at him and said.

"Senior Shiki, Please advise"


Shiki was stunned for a moment, then laughed again: "Knowing my name, yet you still dare to attack, you are a really good kid."


The smile on his face changed then he revealed a frightening grin while asking "Tell me what is your purpose for attacking me"

As one of the four legends from the previous era and the only one from them that acts like pirates, Shiki not only has the ambition and courage but also cruelty and ruthlessness in order to achieve his goal of swallowing the world.

He has prepared a big plan for more than ten years, even if he can change the location of his base camp at will he doesn't want El to reveal anything, therefore, he decided to imprison this junior here, or kill him.

"Senior, I came to kill you"

El held his sword and pointed it at Shiki and said.

"I will use your head to climb the world's highest stage"

To be precise, it is to take away his devil fruit so that he can save a long bumpy road and quickly reach the top of this world.

In order to avoid any unfortunate accident, El did not speak his heart out, the reality is not like the anime or manga.

After seeing Shiki just now, El didn't think he was a good person and that he can defeat him in an unreasonable way just like what Luffy did.

If it weren't for the three years of retreat and practice, and Shiki is severely nerfed, El did not dare to face Shiki alone.

If Shiki's feet are still there, or he can use the three types of Haki, then the one standing in front of him is El who has entered the Asura Form.

Only with the help of the Rumble-Rumble Fruit ability, will El has the confidence to defeat the not nerfed Shiki.

"But for now, let me see if you can still use Conqueror Haki!"


Almost at the moment when his words fell, El suddenly release his Conqueror Haki that blended Shura field on it.

A dark purple aura like an ocean wave roar toward Shiki.


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