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The two children smiled and said, “Mother, what kind of wicked things are you talking about We don’t do such things.”

Perhaps not now, but in the future, I think there will be a lot.

“Anyway, now that the family is living separately, mother can call the shots.

Hence, the two of you will go to school.”

In times like these, children attended school in their later years.

Children who lived in rural areas would go to school at the age of nine or ten.

They couldn’t handle chores that require a lot of physical labour anyways and they could mow the lawn before and after school.

Children younger than eight years old had to be watched over as they tend to be unable to sit still when they attend school.

Hence, they would usually stay home.

Erwang immediately said, “I’m not going to school; even my eldest brother didn’t go.”

Maisui also said, “Mother, didn’t you say that we wouldn’t have to go to school and those that attended classes are mentally ill So why are you asking us to go to school now I’m not going.”

Both the youngest aunt and uncle went to school, but the original owner scolded them for attending classes, claiming that they were insane.

Her children didn’t want to be labelled as crazy, so they didn’t want to go.

As long as they would have the money for new clothes and leather shoes, they could just find a job in the city.

There was no need for any schooling and they weren’t exactly envious of those who had the opportunity either.

Lin Lan, I guess it’s still necessary to slowly brainwash the children to reverse the previous misunderstandings.

When going to bed at night, the allocation of their sleeping positions diverged again.

According to the rules, parents should take the youngest child to sleep on one side whereas the older children would sleep on the other side.

But Maisui was nine years old, so Lin Lan felt that she should sleep on the kang separately, not always lumped together with her brothers.

However, having her sleep here with Han Qingsong was a ‘no’ for her too.

What’s more was that she herself was facing a big mental obstacle to suddenly let her sleep with a man.

Although he was handsome and had a good figure, coincidentally being the type that she admires, she still could not accept him without any sort of emotional foundation.

Therefore, she decisively let Han Qingsong sleep over.

She took Maisui and Xiaowang to sleep on her side of the kang and let the other males sleep on the other side.

Anyway, since it was pretty big there, she could hang a curtain in the future to separate it.

Han Qingsong, “…”

Was this truly the wife who used to want to tie him to the belt of her pants

This woman must have been replaced!

He stood in front of the kang and looked at it before she brought a bowl of water for him to drink, “Hang a curtain over the kang to let the girls and boys sleep separately.”

Lin Lan spoke, “I’m sorry that you have to sleep with the boys.

I made them wash their feet, so don’t worry, it doesn’t stink.”

Especially Sanwang, who soaked his feet in the water all day to the point where it was practically borderline swollen— it definitely wouldn’t stench.

On the contrary, Dawang, that little brat, was not home as he was well-acquainted with Zhuzi.

And since Zhuzi became his younger brother by bond, he simply obeyed Dawang like a good puppy.

Han Qingsong looked at Lin Lan’s whole-hearted look and he didn’t think that she was faking it.

Quite obviously, he could tell that she didn’t want to sleep with him.

This… hurt his self-esteem a bit.

After all, a certain someone couldn’t help but lay her eyes all over him in the past.


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