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Then, that meant that the only route left was Han Qingsong.


Or could she persuade him not to change his career


After all, according to the plot in the original book, the reason why Han Qingsong changed his career was because the original owner had done too much to make him disheartened.

Then, the army environment being complicated and fiercely fighting factions weren’t helping his situation either.


Old Lady Han was afraid that they were not going to send wages and allowances to her home after spending money in the army.

However, the original owner was afraid that he would have a good future after divorcing her, so she would rather him change his career as a soldier to get her man back.


But I’m different— I don’t make a fuss and I support Han Qingsong’s work unconditionally.


I have to get a chance to talk to him.


Lin Lan went to the patio and was surprised to find that Old Lady Han had yet to get up.

She used to carry a stick and knocked it around to get the entire family to wake up and go down.


When she came out of the toilet, she found that each of the family members sported two large dark circles under their eyes as if they were tortured by not sleeping for ten days. 


Tsk tsk, how pitiful.


The second sister-in-law of the Han family had a small bump on her head.

There would have been no problem if it had been bandaged, but she practically mummified it with a large hand towel.

She was not afraid of the heat it seemed, so she hummed, “Oh, it hurts to death and I can’t go to work.”


“Mother, why did you come out” Erwang woke up at some point, so he ran out to support Lin Lan, “Mother, you can’t move your arms, so just take a rest and don’t go to work.

My father is back!”


Erwang was very proud that his father didn’t listen to his grandmother’s pesters of divorcing his mother, so he took the opportunity to show off that his father was back and indeed cared about them.


Those who joked that their father was going to divorce their mother and those who never wanted them— hmph, take a good look!


The second sister-in-law pouted and went back to the house to lie down in anger.


Eldest sister-in-law prepared to cook and called the children to mow the grass to earn some work points.


Children that were as old as Erwang, Maisui, and Sanwang, all had to mow the  grass to earn their work points.


Maisui tried acting coquettish and didn’t want to go.

She wanted Lin Lan to speak up for her, but Lin Lan pretended not to know what she wanted.


Mowing the lawn was easy work, so Maisui had to go with the other children.


At this time, Han Qingsong came back with some water and saw Lin Lan sitting on a stone staring at the broken tiled basin in a daze.

So, he poured the water into the water tank, came out and said to Lin Lan, “There are two empty thatched huts in the field.

Go and take a look at them today, if you don’t mind it…”


Lin Lan immediately said, “I don’t mind it!”


What a joke; no matter how crappy the houses were, it would definitely be a lot better than living here.


Han Qingsong didn’t expect that she agreed readily without even looking at it or criticising it.

Initially, he thought that he would have to spend some funds to patch things up nicer before she would be happy.


Seeing her agree to it, he nodded and handed the glasses to Lin Lan.


“The frames were broken, but the lenses are intact— it’s not broken.”


After he picked up the water, he went out again.


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