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The second sister-in-law of the Han family took the eldest sister-in-law back to the south kang in the corner west and complained.


Eldest brother Han was so sleepy that he had to go to the north kang to sleep with second brother Han.


When Han Qingsong returned to the room, the lights in the room had already been turned off and the children’s soft breathing could be heard from the kang.


Taking advantage of the dim light outside, he looked in and saw that Lin Lan was sleeping at the head of the kang with Xiaowang in her arms, followed by Maisui and then Erwang.


His bed was placed at the end of the kang.


According to most people in their village, the head of the kang was the best position.

Hence, it was usually the position of the male parent who occupied that space, then the women and the children.


Apparently, he was rejected.


He stood in front of the kang as Lin Lan was sweating with nervousness.


It was really hot in summer, especially in the east wing.

They had to open the doors and windows to ventilate the space as they hung tattered grass curtains, but mosquitoes would sting them from time to time.


She couldn’t sleep at all!


In the end, Han Qingsong was still standing beside her and a wave of heat rushed to her face in bursts.

She wondered why she was feeling that flushed when she was obviously not a teenager with overpoweringly strong adolescence hormones.


Just when she nearly couldn’t hold back and wanted to explain herself, Han Qingsong had already stepped over to the kang’s end.


Lin Lan breathed a sigh of relief and went to sleep at ease.


The rooster crowed the next day.


 Lin Lan got up quickly and found that Han Qingsong was no longer on the kang, but she was not in a hurry to wake the children up either.

They were all in their growth stages, so she might as well let them sleep in for a little.


There were many mosquitoes in the farmhouse.

On one night, she was bitten twice on her face and neck and it was very itchy.

When she scratched randomly and took down the tattered grass curtains to let the light in, she found that Xiaowang was bitten the most.


She had to ask around for some aloe vera, mint grass etc, before bringing it back to apply it so that it could relieve the itching from the stings.


But thanks to the medicinal wine that Han Qingsong brought back, she slept soundly all night.

Her arms and shoulders did not hurt that much either; otherwise, it would have been too swollen to lift today.


She tested her arm and felt that there was no problem in moving it, but she really wanted to use her arm pains as an excuse and ask for a leave of absence from work.


Lin Lan felt that she was really squeamish as she couldn’t do physical work at all.


She went to work a few days ago, and at first she went to the cotton field to pick up some worms, but she nearly died there.


Those squirming bugs made her numb and she felt her body tremble.


Later, she switched to hoeing the field.

There, she took the big hoe to plough the ground and clear the grass, but it didn’t take long for her back to hurt— the big hoe felt like it weighed a thousand pounds! In addition, after 9 o’clock in the summer, the sun would be unbearably hot, so her entire being felt like it was being barbecued with every passing minute.


So, either she chose to find an iron bowl job, or Han Qingsong would give her some living expenses henceforth.


However, these days, the cadres in the countryside were not full-time workers, and even the old Secretary Head of the village had followed suit in working laboriously, so she would not be able to do anything in the face of absolute policies.


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