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Their village had its own primary school and at first it didn’t charge tuition fees.

As a result, some people let the teachers look after the children when the kids were young.

Once they got older, the families demanded them to return to work and contribute to the family.


The teachers complained directly.


Later, Han Yongfang decided to demand that parents pay the tuition fee— 1.5 Yuan for the first and second grades and 2.5 Yuan for the third grade.


It was merely less than 3 Yuan a year, but it weeded out 90% of parents who didn’t actually want their children to study.

Instead, the students who truly wanted to study were left behind.


However, Han Yongfang did not deliberately make things difficult for others.

Any child who can study will be sent some stationery and there were also rewards during Chinese New Year and festivals.

After such a year, almost all the tuition expenses have been earned back this way.


In addition, the teacher led the children to mow the grass.

One basket in the morning and one basket in the afternoon could earn a child three or four work points.


Ordinary members did not understand this accounting, so they only stated that the Secretary Head was purposely making things difficult and was being domineering.


Lin Lan, however, understood it clearly.


After telling the Secretary Head about it, Lin Lan went to the principal Han Qingping.


She also wanted to test whether she could take the time to go to school to listen to the lectures and gain some cultural knowledge.


She really didn’t want to do physical work.

She didn’t mind even if she was a scorekeeper, accountant, etc., but she just didn’t know how to be successful.

Not just anyone could be a scorekeeper or an accountant.

It depended on seniority, level, prestige, as well as the intentions of the Revolutionary Committee.

These were positions that were recommended by the masses and approved by the Revolutionary Committee.


After all, the educated youth who went to the countryside were considered literati, but they still followed the commune members to work in the fields.

There were a lot of workers who graduated from elementary schools or even secondary schools, yet most of them still go to work in the fields after returning home.


She wouldn’t be able to pass the test of prestige among the masses at the moment; the original owner’s reputation was just too bad for this.


Lin Lan was not discouraged as she just decided to make the necessary preparations first.

If she knew a few words, she could pretend to be motivated and make progress.

Gradually, she would be able to read books, calculate and so on.

Chances are always favouring those who were prepared.

If she wasn’t ready, she wouldn’t be able to practise what she preached when opportunity knocked on her door, would she


She truly didn’t want to work in the summer and be roasted into jerky.


Lin Lan went to the elementary school in the east of the village.

On the way, she happened to meet two teachers— a man and a woman.

The man was the principal, 37 or 38 years old and his name was Han Qingping.

The woman, Huo Yuan, was an educated youth from the district.


She called out happily, “Principal Han!”


As soon as the other party saw her, he wanted to run away.


Lin Lan hurriedly shouted, “Don’t be afraid, Principal Han, I don’t plan to hit anyone—”


When she shouted, Principal Han ran faster.


Lin Lan quickly blocked Han Qingping’s way and smiled, “Don’t be afraid, principal, I’m not beating anyone, really.

I just wanted to talk to you about schooling.”


Han Qingping looked at her in disbelief.

With Huo Yuan by his side, Lin Lan couldn’t beat him, so he listened.


Unless he was looking at a ghost right now, he couldn’t believe that the shrew actually wanted her children to attend school.


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