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The eldest brother Han refused and drove them away, “There’s nothing to say.”


“Let them in!” Old Lady Han shouted from inside the room.


Yu Wuzi glanced at Brother Han proudly before she dragged her daughter into the house.


As soon as they entered the house, Yu Wuzi began to cry, “Sister-in-law, you have to save our boy.

It’s Zhao Jianshe who suffered the impalement of thousands of knives.

He knew about the 1,500 Yuan from your fourth son and came over to steal the money with a few of his friends.”


The eldest brother Han said angrily, “What are you talking about It’s obviously your family’s Liu Chunhe who conspired with outsiders to steal money from the village.

Why are you involving our fourth child”


The fourth child himself was also already charged with reading reactionary books.

If it was added to the crime of colluding with outsiders to steal, would there even be a good outcome out of it


The eldest brother Han was also afraid that the old lady would listen to Yu Wuzi’s fooling, so he quickly pointed out their interests and let his mother know that Yu Wuzi had bad intentions.


It’s a pity that Old Lady Han’s brain circuit was indeed a different type— she hated Lin Lan the most at this moment to even consider anyone else.


She just wanted to force Old Three to bring the fourth child back and it wasn’t something that she wanted delayed for even another day.


Old Lady Han scolded the eldest brother, “Shut up, don’t say useless things; it’s priority to bring your brother back first.”


The eldest sister-in-law pulled eldest brother Han’s sleeves and told him to stop meddling.


Yu Wuzi began to fool Old Lady Han by making her sympathise.

Old Lady Han thought about her own fourth child that was being locked up in the commune, noting that Yu Wuzi was also stuck in the same situation as she was.


Liu Chunfang said softly, “Auntie, your third son is in a really good position at the moment.

He changed his career and became the Director of the Public Security Bureau of the Commune.

So, the third brother has the final say on these petty thefts.

As long as he says a word, whether it’s your fourth child or our Chunhe, nothing will happen.”


She said and took out two Yuan, “Auntie, I’m not well-off at the moment, I’ll thank you with two feet of cloth after a while.”


That’s what it takes to be thankful.


Old Lady Han didn’t take a fancy to the two Yuan as she was shocked by the news brought by Yu Weizi.

Old Three went to the commune to become an official


This unfilial son didn’t even tell her himself!


This is indeed the start of a rebellion towards his mother once he split up the family!


Old Lady Han’s eyes were burning with anger.


The youngest aunt Han, who was hiding in the front room, heard about the two feet of cloth.

Then, she came out and ushered her mother to find her third brother.


“It must be the shrew who pulled a trick and didn’t let my third brother come forward to bail them out.”


Liu Chunfang immediately took her hand, “Sister Qingshan is sensible.”


The youngest aunt felt very useful, “Mother, my third brother came back with them, let’s go and find him.”


The eldest brother Han wanted to persuade them not to, but was scolded by Old Lady Han, “All of you don’t want the fourth child to come home! You are all so black-hearted!”


The eldest brother Han was scolded until his face turned pale.

He was eager to defend himself, but the old lady didn’t listen at all as she noisily went to Lin Lan’s house.


The eldest brother Han also said that he would find his father to preside over the overall situation.


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